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-->Welcome to the guild Unknown
We are here to create and promote a friendly and free community in the Forsaken World. Join us and you will have the pleasure to meet and learn from experienced and professional MMORPG players or discover a whole new world with newcomers. We are a guild that encourages both hard core gamers and casual players, it's up to you to decide in which category you want to be.

We stand first for our players and second for our guild. So although we opt for team based gameplay we do not restrict or bound players to the guild. But as you can figure out a certain amount guild activity is needed to advance in guild rankings. And higher rankings come with benefits and unique rewards.
We are here so we hear you. Although we have experience with many different MMORPG games and guild system, we still encourage and welcome good criticism and ideas from our community. This system that we are trying to create is a new approach so there is room for improvement.
We do not tolerate any kind of immature or unfriendly behavior in the game or on the forums. Although we promote freedom and don't want our players to be stiff and always keep an open mind, we do not tolerate improper or offensive language in our guild chat or on the forum even if it's in the form of jokes. If someone has offended you in any way, do not do the same, just make a screen shoot with as much of the conversation as possible and post it in the appropriate forum section and the person in question will be penalized, even banned depending on what he/she did.
Keep the guild chat as clean as possible. We wont tell you to avoid friendly conversations on the guild channel but keep in mind it's not a channel reserved for personal discussions. If you want to tell someone something do it in private (/"name"). Guild channel is a chat reserved for guild announcements, instance recruiting, trading or when asking for help. After you received help if you have more questions or need more instructions be sure to continue the discussion in private.
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Mar 5, 11 12:06 PM
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